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Theorybook Knowing Your Food Products 2

The Knowing Your Food Products 2 theory book is part of the SVH Chef and SVH Waiter/Waitress learning resources series. It serves as reference material for Chef (NLQF2), Autonomous Chef (NLQF3), Waiter/Waitress (NLQF2) and Autonomous Waiter/Waitress (NLQF3), and provides a clear overview of the theory.

Knowing Your Food Products 2 serves you all that you should know about the characteristics and qualities of thirteen different food products: from fish and shell fish and crustaceans to nuts and seeds, but also chocolate, ice-cream, cold meats, sausage and food trends. You get to know the ins and outs from more than 160 food products. If you know what the origin of a product, its quality markers, and which cooking techniques to use on it, then you can experiment with it in the kitchen and provide your guests with top-notch advice.

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€ 79,50
ISBN 9789052113739
Druk 1e druk, 2019
Uitgever SVH
Pagina's 432
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Levering binnen 2-4 werkdagen
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